175th Anniversary Celebrations 9th - 16th June 2019

Culham station first opened on 12th June 1844. Although downgraded to an unmanned station in the 1970's, it has remained in continuous passenger use since opening. This date also marked the opening of what was then the broad gauge branch from Didcot to Oxford, with Culham (originally called 'Abingdon Road') being the only intermediate station on the line.

It is hoped to mark this important anniversary in some way during the week 9th to 16th June 2019. To this end, various rail related businesses and individuals are being invited to sponsor, publicise or participate in the celebrations. This page will be developed to reflect planned activities and sponsors, together with any media coverage.

If anybody has any ideas, or would like to particiate in some way we would be very pleased to hear from you via ku.oc.noitatsmahluc@ofni

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Celebrations diary

Sunday 9th June - Public open day 10:00 until 16:00

The first of two opportunities to come and discover the history and background of the station. The Old Ticket Office will be open to the public to explore the original Brunel era features of this unique building and its surroundings.

Many items of GWR memorabilia including old uniforms will be on display, together with models, old photographs, historical drawings and books featuring the station.

See the old ticket office window, original tickets dating back to the 1890's, and Edmondson date punches. You can even take home a special souvenir ticket.

Search out some remnants of broad gauge rail, see graffiti from 140 years ago and try to find the mark where a fatal shot ricoched from the ticket counter top in 1868.

Wednesday 12th June - Media day

Today marks the 175th anniversary proper of the opening of the Didcot to Oxford branch line and of the Old Ticket Office itself.

Sunday 16th June - Public open day 10:00 until 16:00

A second opportunity to visit the Old Ticket Office. Details as for Sunday the 9th.

Please note:

When visiting the station members of the public are not allowed onto the old Platform 2 due to safety and access prohibitions. The station itself is operational with trains passing throughout the day, so sensible care must be taken at all times to ensure ones own safety and that of others. Children should always be kept under adult supervision.
All visitors to the Old Ticket Office do so at their own risk and no responsibility will be accepted by the organisers for any loss or injury howsoever caused.

No public facilities of any type exist either at the Old Ticket Office or on Culham station itself. Free parking is available on the station forecourt, or over the line by the Railway Inn.

Due to the nature of the building disabled access is limited, however there is only a small step into the main waiting room. For anybody unable to use the footbridge it is possible to cross between platforms by means of the old road bridge. Caution should be exercised by anyone using the old road bridge as there are no footpaths and it is still open to traffic.

Anniversary sponsors

Network Rail Corporate Archive who kindly supplied high resolution scans of historical drawings and plans of Culham station

Main sponsors of the Anniversary Celebrations are:

Entikera Limited - with registered office at the Old Ticket Office, trading as :-
MyPicturePrint - Online Photo & Giclee printers and picture framers