GWR book series


It has been difficult to decide how to group the different Great Western Railway sale publications for the purposes of this website. They could be categorised by style, content, author, or publication period for example. This section highlights those books in our collection which, to our eyes at least, fall into very clear series. Books from such series were sometimes published in revised or reprinted editions over several years and the format and design would have varied with the fashion of the time, but they would still be recognisable as forming part of the series.

The Great Western Railway published many such series of books and our collection holds both a number of individual copies and several complete series, but not necessarily containing an example of every edition of a particular title. As noted elsewhere, sale publications first appeared in 1904 but, whilst mostly following a standard format and covering the broad area of travel, they did not form what might be called a collected series. Books such as those, and other similar later ones are featured elsewhere.

We are not attempting to produce a comprehensive catalogue or history of every series produced, but to simply provide a brief glimpse by showing some of those which are held in our collection.

The actual books vary in size and the thumbnails on these pages should not be taken as being an indication of their actual or relative sizes

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