Model sheets

Some guidance notes

We don't intend to produce detailed instructions for making your own model as trying things out is part of the fun - remember that you can download and print our sheets as often as you like. However whilst developing these sheets and having several attempts at making them up ourselves a few lessons have been learnt. They may seem fairly obvious, but we thought they may be useful so we share them here.

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Some useful links

In late 2017 a number of original drawings were specially scanned in for us by Network Rail Corporate Archive. The full set of images can be seen on their Culham Station Gallery where they may also be purchased.

Another useful source of drawings are those accompanying planning applications via South Oxford District Council.

In its May issue from 1974 Railway Modeller carried an article On the broad gauge, early GWR architecture which included photos and 2mm scale drawings of the Ticket Office at Culham. They revisited the ticket office for its 175th birthday in 2019, and their June issue carried a two page article - 175 not out - about the Old Ticket Office, 175th celebrations, and some very good drawings in 'N' scale. Following the 'Culham in model form' item under the 'IMAGES' menu tab will reveal many photographs of models based on Culham, both commercial and scratch built, and a list of magazine articles of which we are aware featuring Culham buildings. There is also a link to the full June 2019 Railway Modeller article, which is reproduced by kind permission of the Editor.

Whilst all these scale drawings are a good reference and do provide useful detail, some contain errors which can prove confusing. They certainly confused us when first planning our attempts at making a model. It would seem that old drawings might have been used for the basis of some (thus perpetuating errors), or that assumptions were made in the drawing office when trying to fill in gaps and join things up. There is nothing like being able to visit and seeing things in real life, which is where we have something of an advantage.

Please note:

All persons visiting the station to take photographs or measurements etc. are reminded that members of the public are not allowed onto the old Platform 2 upon which stands the Old Ticket Office. The station itself is operational with fast trains passing throughout the day, so sensible care must be taken at all times to ensure one's own safety and that of others. Children should always be kept under adult supervision. All visitors to the Old Ticket Office do so at their own risk, no responsibility will be accepted by Entikera Ltd. for any loss or injury howsoever caused.