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We are grateful for the kind support and interest shown whilst this site has been developed and on these pages we attempt to acknowledge all sources of information and images. Links to external websites are included where applicable, and links have also been included to other websites which may prove to be of further interest to our visitors.

'Hidden' internal links

There are a number of hidden pages (or 'Easter Eggs' as they are sometimes called) dotted around our website. These have been created this way to save cluttering up the menus with interesting things which may lie a little bit too far from the intended scope of the website, but which do have an albeit tenuous link with the station at Culham, its history, and its place in the general scheme of things. Links to these pages can be found as highlighted text here and there, but to make things a bit easier we also list them here so you can go straight to them.

As these special pages do not figure on the menus their menu bar will simply show one of two options depending on how a visitor got there. 'GO BACK' is fairly obvious as it will return you to the page you came from, that will be here if that is where you went from, or back to the page containing the hidden link if that is what you clicked on. A 'HOME' option will be shown when visitors have gone to the page directly, or as the result of a web search via 'GOOGLE' for example. That option will take them to the home, or very first, page of our website, enabling such visitors to explore and enjoy it further.

Local interest

Wider interest

Website sponsors

We are especially grateful to Entikera Limited whose registered office is at the Old Ticket Office and who trade as MpfineartprintingMP logo
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for generously sponsoring this website, for acting as willing host for our memorabilia display and for welcoming visitors to view inside the ticket office whenever their work allows.

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