Model sheets

Over the years a number of people have visited Culham station in order to measure or photograph the ticket office as they plan to make a model of the building. This website already contained much information which is of interest to the potential modeller but we thought it would be useful if we were to develop some sheets for making a model of the Old Ticket Office itself and maybe some of the other features of the station from around 1930-1960. This web page will be expanded from time to time to include anything we may produce.

Each PDF file linked to on these pages consists of an individual A4 sized sheet. Care should be exercised when printing so as not to scale to fit media, but rather to print actual size. Also, ensure that the paper orientation specified in the PDF printing app is set to that of the selected sheet i.e. landscape or portrait. Get either of these wrong and the sheet will not be printed at the intended size. To access a full sized sheet simply click on its thumbnail to open it on a new tab ready to print or download onto your computer. All sheets have been saved as high quality PDFs, so some of the files are quite large and may take a while to transfer over slower internet connections.

Our building sheets are intended as a starting point rather than being a complete kit, depending upon the amount of detailing required. For example doorways and windows could be cut out to provide depth, as in the real building, with extra copies used to build up layers to suit. Whilst every effort has been made to maintain accuracy, a certain artistic licence has been required in places, for example, to compensate for the variations in ground level around the office datum has been taken from the forecourt elevation, the platform being several inches higher.

Sheets have been produced for both 'N' and '00' scale models, but they can be scaled before printing as appropriate to provide sheets for 'O', 'Z' and even 'T' scale. It is suggested that the '00' sheets are used as the basis for scaling as they contain most detail. There is a useful guide to converting between different scales on the 'Unscaled sheets' page.

All plans and construction sheets linked to from these pages are our own original work for which we retain copyright and associated intellectual property rights. Private individuals may however freely download and use any sheets linked from this page for the purposes of making their own model. They should not be re-published in any form or used in any other way without our express permission.

If anybody has any feedback or comments, or would like to share the results of their labours, we would be very pleased to hear from you via ku.oc.eciffotekcitmahluc@ofni

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